This is a high powered campaign with a very strong emphasis on story and ambiance. Role-playing, narrative, commentary and story depth are focus. Just as much responsibility falls on the players as the GM to develop a story of substance and credibility. The very fabric of Oerth is at risk as interdimensional tears have been made on Oerth, letting the denizens of Hell manifest in the Gnarley Woods and even The Freecity of Greyhawk, this all caused by a scroll with a Faustian Pact that utilizes a very ancient and powerful magic. The group is now tasked with getting components to recreate the scroll’s power so they can reverse engineer the effects and better learn the arcane mysteries. This campaign is run by myself in the east central Illinois town Hoopeston, an hour or so northeast of Champiagn/Urbana. I have a small group of people whom play over Skype but would be willing to include persons in this area. I would host the events.

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